Civil Litigation and Defense

Comer & Upshaw protects our clients’ rights with a strong but responsible approach to collections and creditors rights.  Working within the guidelines of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, our Firm assists our clients in every facet of the recovery process, including letters of demand and acceleration, service of process, pre-eviction and post-eviction collections, trial, recordation of judgments, domestication of foreign judgments, identification of assets and garnishment or execution.

We handle a variety of collection matters including:

  • Commercial collections

  • Collections for professionals, including attorneys and law firms

  • Medical collections

  • Emergency Medical Services collections

  • Fire Dues Collections

  • Real estate collections (evictions, post eviction collections and foreclosures)

  • Bankruptcy claims

  • FDCPA defense

  • Probate claims

  • Judgment and judgment enforcement matters